Thermo Sole Review

Thermo Sole Review

For those of you who suffer from painfully cold feet these Thermo Soles are definitely worth considering!

Originally designed  for use in snow and ski boots these heated insoles claim to provide up to 8 hours of warmth to the feet, depending upon the type of shoes or boots they are used in. They are available in 3 models - standard, 3D sports sole and remote control. The company say that the soles come with integrated thermostats which detect the temperature of your feet and enable the soles to adjust their temperature in response, with a heating range of 31℃ - 41℃. I ordered these to use in cycle shoes for cold, wintery rides when numb feet are a limiting factor.

I ordered the basic insoles and they arrived 2 days later! Remove the outer packaging and the soles are inside their own handy drawstring storage bag, along with instruction booklet, charger and adaptor. 

The soles look like regular insoles and are only slightly thicker and firmer. They are approximately 110 grams each. One plus is that they can be trimmed down to fit a shoe a couple of sizes smaller if necessary. 

The instructions are fool proof : trim along the while lines on the base of the sole to the desired size avoiding cutting over the solid line- where the wires are housed, lift the tiny flap at the rear of each sole, ensure the switch is in the off position - this is indicated by the lack of a red LED - when alight this signifies the soles are on, plug both soles into the charger and charge for 8 hours. (Each subsequent charge needs only be for 20 minutes). Charging longer does not have a detrimental effect and so even without the instructions the whole charging process is fool proof because it really is a case of plugging them in whilst they are switched off!

After charging you are ready to go! Switch them on - LED lights red, replace flap at rear of sole and then place into your shoes keeping the textile tab at the back of the sole up right so that you can pull on it to remove the sole. I removed the original insoles from the shoes prior to inserting these. The fit is quite snug and as anyone who cycles in the winter knows, tight shoes do not encourage warm feet because the movement of the toes is limited, but the Thermo soles went in without a problem and after a little bit of cajoling so did the feet.

It wasn't a particularly cold day when I tested these - around 7℃, but cold enough for me to develop painfully cold feet! The first thing that i noticed was that the heat is mainly centered beneath the ball of the foot. i did feel slightly uncomfortable when they first heated up, but on reflection think this was more to do with the lack of shoe space rather than the soles themselves. It is not an intense heat as such and actually my feet never felt toasty, yet they never felt cold either. They just remained 'normal'. I only used them for two hours but they definitely kept my feet at a comfortable temperature, in non insulated shoes the battery life has been shown by other testers to be circa 5 hours. When used with neoprene shoe covers the battery life should theoretically be extended.

In my opinion these soles are worth the outlay of £84. Fully rechargeable and they keep my feet warm!


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