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Food is a powerful healer and has the ability to raise your energy levels and improve your health and wellbeing. Foods are packed full of essential nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins which could work their magic on your body, helping it work more efficiently. We are all unique metabolically, which is why different approaches and different foods work for each of us differently. With this in mind our aim is to help you find a way of eating and enjoying food that works specifically for you. Knowing what to eat can be tricky at first, but thats why we are here to help!

We believe that food should be enjoyed. Our philosophy is to encourage you to eat more of the foods that will help you feel energised and amazing, rather than avoiding and restricting.

As well as sports nutrition and weight management we also offer help with a variety of issues including; digestive symptoms, low energy, skin problems.

Our services include:

Food diary analysis: By looking at what you eat for a few days we can help you identify foods that may be helping you or may be having an undesirable effect on your health. We can suggest changes to help optimise your health based upon your lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

Take me shopping: we can accompany you around the supermarket to show you how to decipher labels - explaining in real terms what the ingredients mean so you are confident in making the best choices for you.

Sports nutrition: Working hard for a goal takes time and effort. Eating great food that could increase your energy and help improve recovery is an essential part of ensuring you achieve that goal in the best possible shape. Whether your aim is to run 5K or to complete an ironman triathlon, we can help you.

Weight management nutrition advice: Our approach is to help you learn which foods work for you, keeping you energised and strong whilst losing weight. The diet industry is full of conflicting and complex information making it hard to know which is the right approach to take. No one diet suits us all and with this in mind we work with you as an individual to find the right balance for you.

Health and Well being nutrition: whether you are experiencing low energy, digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion or just want to improve your diet - we would love to help. Simple changes could make a big difference to your health and we can show you how.

Whatever your goal, we can support and guide you towards it.

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